Dennis Agerblad

Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Performer, Grafic Designer.

I mostly do music and performance inspired by turning things upside down. Mixing "truth" with "lies". When the audiens don't quite understand what's going on. They cant put the experince in a sertain box. And hopefully an other person had a tolaly different experience. The audiens is allowd to leave the show tolally confused.

This is my way of telling people not to go blind thrue life. But always tjeck out what is right for themself.

And maby find some beuty in the uglyness.

Dennis Agerblad Band
Dennis Agerblad shows are experimental and theatrical concerts. He has performed in Denmark, Faroe Island, Sweden, Germany, France, Switserland, Holland & Spain.

4 ways of composing / performing:
  1. Dennis Agerblad solo.

  2. Dennis Agerblad Band is a trash drag band with 2-5 members.

  3. maður:glotti is a Faroese duo. Genre is Electronic Folk.
    In this band Dennis Agerblad appers under the name OVA.

  4. With the performance group dunst